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Biologically Aged Vintages

In 2001 Williams & Humbert began to work on a line of biologically aged vintage sherry. Fruit of this work was Fino 2006, the first vintage Fino of the Jerez Region. In these vintages the selected must is fortified to 15º but with no further intervention, a layer of yeast developing spontaneously to mark the commencement of biological ageing. The result of this ageing process is our vintage Fino collection. In time this will also provide vintage amontillado as these are the final wines produced by biological and oxidative aging. Vintage Amontillado 2003, already on the market, is unique within its category in the Jerez Region.

Oxidative Aged Vintages. Selected must is fortified to over 15º, which prevents the layer of yeast developing thus allowing the oxidative ageing process to begin naturally. This type of ageing produces our vintage palo cortado and oloroso.


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