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The vintage system

El sistema de Añadas

After each harvest Williams & Humbert select first pressed must from the old vines on the Añanina and Carrascal vineyards, must which is then fortified to a minimum of 15º. Thus begins the winery’s vintage aging system. Unlike other traditional sherries, those aged by means of the dynamic system of Criaderas and Soleras, these vintage wines remain at rest, static, without the addition of wines from later vintages. The evolution of the wine is monitored throughout this static aging process as biological or oxidative aging may develop spontaneously.

Once the selected must has been fortified to 15º a film of yeast develops with no intervention and gives rise to biological ageing. The result of this aging process is our collection of vintage Fino and, in time, also our vintage Amontillado as this is the final wine produced by the biological and oxidative aging system. If the selected must is fortified to over 15º, yeast is prevented from developing and oxidative aging begins as a natural consequence. As a result of this type of aging we have the vintage Palo Cortado and Oloroso.

In contrast to the homogeneity provided by the Criaderas and Solera aging system whereby wines of different ages are methodically blended, each vintage sherry is different, unique and special, a reflection of the vintage year and its particular climatological conditions.

The casks in which the vintage sherries rest remain sealed, only opened under the strictest supervision of the Regulating Council of the Denomination of Origin of Sherry in order to certify the authenticity of such unique wines.

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