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It all began in 1920 when Guido Williams set aside part of the must of the year in order to mark the birth of a member of the family. Ever since, Williams & Humbert have maintained the tradition to the present day, reserving part of the must of the year for their collection, the oldest and most complete in the Jerez Region, certified by the Regulating Council of the Denomination of Origin of Sherry.

The age and quality of these vintage wines has been featured in numerous reference books and bibliographies, such as the special section dedicated by Julian Jeff in his famous work: “Sherry”, or the in-depth research carried out on the Williams & Humbert vintage sherries by the University of Cádiz; research led by Carmelo García Barroso, director of the Andalusian Viticultural Research Centre, and used by the Regulating Council to certify the age of other vintage wines from the Region.

“Wonderful wines”

Thus Thomas Hudson, director of Christie’s in London, defined the Williams & Humbert vintages when auctioned by the prestigious firm. A unique collection of which a major part is now available on the market.

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